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Our Mission

Staking our claim as the industry’s leading investment expert

We aim to become one of the best and in-demand asset managers in the industry. We plan to achieve this using a powerful combination of profitability, efficiency, and excellent customer service.
When you add GT-Universe managed accounts to your investment portfolio, you can rely on a singular dedication to producing performance that exceeds the overall market significantly over the medium to long-term, while managing your capital carefully in unstable market conditions.
Driven by an unrelenting passion for profits, we constantly pursue the light of intellectual innovation, creating golden solutions that build fortunes for our clients every possible instance.
We imbue our efforts with values that are essential to our success. These principles inspire us to achieve the extraordinary while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, so that all who come to us know that we will handle their money well – as though it were our own

First, We Invest In The Right People

GUARANTEE TRUST UNIVERSE is headed by a team of tremendously accomplished players in the financial and investment industries from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Malaysia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore and Canada. Their collective resume is mind boggling, spanning directorial positions at high profile banks to heading successful investment departments.

We work with highly experienced and qualified traders with a strong track record. We emphasise profitability, capability, and long-term dedication to growing our clients’ wealth and these principles guide us in who we choose to employ and work with.

Our traders go through rigorous vetting as part of our selection process to ensure that all client funds are managed with the utmost care and skill. They have the ability to handle large sums of capital and are able to identify and take advantage of market opportunities, handle risk and unpredictability well and provide superior returns consistently.

We also emphasise personal responsibility and integrity and take our investors’ trust in us very seriously. Our team handles client capital as though it were their own and we practise total transparency in the way we handle your money. You can count on excellent customer service and personalised attention so that you always know what is going on with your investments. GUARANTEE TRUST UNIVERSE is led by some of the most innovative and experienced minds in the industry. We encourage a culture of out performance and opportunity.

Above all, any asset manager knows that trustworthiness is crucial to his reputation. We endeavour always to be honest, transparent, professionalism and accountable in our relationships amongst ourselves, with our stakeholders, the public, and above all, our clients.

We leverage the power of advanced computerised technology. We constantly refine our trading strategies to cater for changing variables and generate more effective results, using powerful computers to execute trading algorithms at speed.

We employ brilliant and experienced traders with a passion for profits. For them, the greatest pleasure is seeing our investors’ portfolio balances increasing every day.

We work continuously in the best interests of our investors and employees. We do this by constantly seeking excellence in all our products, services, processes and technology.

A Passion For Profits

GT-Universe is an asset management group that thrives at the highest levels of proprietary trading. We work to generate financial wealth on behalf of our investors, operating in the belief that expertise and technology give us a clear competitive advantage.

At GT-Universe, we offer a strong suite of multiple investment portfolios that aims to broaden our clients’ options and maximise their returns. You will find that with us you have the ideal investment partner, providing personalised consultancy, dynamic products and proven professional traders that combine in powerful ways to work in your best interests.

Our clients come to us for proven expertise in diversifying and managing their investment portfolio. We offer them comprehensive advisory services and carry out our responsibilities in a clear, transparent manner. Our clients know they can trust us completely, a quality that we value just as much as good returns.

To ensure consistently successful outcomes, we have put together a team of talented traders that has served many Tier-1 international investment banks and hedge funds. They draw on their vast knowledge and experience to create innovative strategies that seize profitable opportunities in any market, supported by a strong technological platform.

Our client portfolio speaks for itself. We manage funds for clients across more than 30 countries. With skilful portfolio managers and decades of experience in developing expert algorithm systems and quantitative analysis, our success regularly attracts affluent clients even as we expand across Asia. We operate under four key methodologies:

  1. Provide asset management solutions to preserve and grow clients’ assets.
  2. Providing a gateway for investors to highly experienced institutional traders.
  3. Safe investment.
  4. 100% transparency for our investing clients.

Building on our achievements thus far, we intend to continue pushing the boundaries of trading expertise and technology, support the markets we operate in, and help our investors achieve their financial dreams.

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