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Our strategy at GT-Universe has always been simple: strategically identify opportunities, create strong partnerships and manage both exceptionally well. Our first acquisition was in 1997. A modest 46-unit community in Mounds View, Minnesota planted the seed from which our business has grown. Today, GT-Universe is a national organization dedicated to enriching the lives of our partners, team members and residents. With more than 16,000 units in our portfolio, we’ve sustained a 23-year record of carefully managed growth, continually refining an equation that works.

Our team seeks out the real estate investment opportunities found in changing market conditions, expanding employment markets, well-timed renovations, or organizational changes. This allows our investment partners to enjoy the benefits of ownership without the hassles of property management.


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Our seventh and largest – real estate fund is underway. Our real estate firm is known as GUARANTEE TRUST UNIVERSE (GT-REALTY) we will raise $1.2 billion to acquire and manage quality multifamily rental properties in growing markets throughout Central and South-eastern U.S. With increasing demands for apartments and a stable job market, we are confident in the timing and outlook of this fund. Learn more about this opportunity and how you can partner with GUARANTEE TRUST UNIVERSE to earn more than Triple of your investment in just 12 months.

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GTrust Agriculture

There are many reasons to invest in agriculture:

It is a low-risk investment that keeps pace with inflation and increases in value over the long-term, it is a tangible asset that provides benefit to the community, and it can diversify a portfolio. But how exactly does an investment like this make money? Depending on the investment and the type of farm, investors can profit through several different ways. We’ve covered five of the most common ways agriculture generates returns below.


Investors can make money from cash flow from crops that are harvested. Most crops are annual, but in some locations there can be multiple harvests per year. In certain cases, these yields are secured via long-term contracts with tenant farmers or from customers who agree to purchase the crops. It is also important to note that crop insurance, which protects the farmer in the event of a catastrophe, and also projects the investors, means that even if crops are destroyed or their revenue declines due to declines in commodity prices, the farmer will still receive funds with which they can pay their lease.

Land Appreciation

Farmland is a limited resource in the sense that almost all arable land in the United States is already in use. Farmable land has decreased due to urban sprawl and land development, making the remaining land even more valuable. Because of this, farmland is appreciating value, which is beneficial for investors. Residential development can also cause farmland to increase in value; if the land is located close to a residential area, the land value increases with the potential to sell the land as development encroaches.

Other Income

There are many different ways to generate income on farmland, and many of them are unrelated to the crops being grown. If the farmland contains a large body of water, water rights can be sold or rented. For farmland that is located near a major road, there may be an opportunity to generate income from billboards placed on the land or from cell and radio towers that are built. In some cases, it may be possible to sell recreation or hunting leases on timberland or near waterways.

Forced Equity

Much like in real estate, investor can add value to their property by making improvements. In agriculture, this can include turning raw land into crops or pasture land, and also, swapping out lower end crops such as commodity or row crops to higher end crops like trees, or converting farmland from conventional farming to higher return organic farming can increase the value of the investment. Equity can also be built by improving the buildings and infrastructure on the land. These changes will increase the value of the land and can lead to larger profits when the investor decides to sell it.

Principal Pay Down

In addition to forced equity, farmland can naturally accumulate equity in a similar way that real estate accumulates equity as mortgage payments are made. If there is a note on the land, income from the farm will be used to pay down the principle, and equity, will begin to accumulate.

Investing in agriculture may not provide immediate returns, but over the long-term, it can pay off greatly. There is much less volatility in farmland and timberland than in other types of investments, meaning adding agriculture to your investment portfolio can provide continual stability with the potential for an annual income.

If you are thinking of how to make money, agri-investment is what you should be looking at.

GT-AGRICULTURE, an innovative agricultural startup, in this interview express the belief that agri-businesses hold the potential to power the world’s economy and lift millions out of poverty.

We urge you to take advantage of agri-investment, which can help attain wealth if it is rightly done. If you are thinking of how to make money, agri-investment is what you should be looking at.

GT-AGRICULTURE, an innovative agricultural startup, in this interview express the belief that agri-businesses hold the potential to power the world’s economy and lift millions out of poverty. We urge you to take advantage of agri-investment, which can help attain wealth if it is rightly done.

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Find the interview excerpts:

Did you in anyway have an agricultural background and what inspired GT-AGRICULTURE?

However, our deep interest in agriculture spurred us to intern closely with some big farm owners in the world to see how things are done and that opened us to see some of the incredible gaps and opportunities in the sector. The internship and the exposures, notwithstanding, we had huge challenges when starting our own farm and this was what inspired GT-AGRICULTURE – our dream to ensure farm owners do not go through some of the challenges we went through while starting up our own farms – Challenges such as poor farm consultants and managers. We wanted to help farm owners replicate our success criteria, thereby, saving them from trial and error. Every other thing such as capacity building and investment platform came after that initial dream.

GT-AGRICULTURE will be launching a new project for agri-investors soon, can you confirm this and what is different about this project?

Yes, PROJECT HERA is our investment product that is centered around broilers and it will be launched on the 24th of February, 2021. We are very keen about this investment product for a number of reasons. When launched, PROJECT HERA will perhaps become one of the most affordable investment options out there and this gives room for more people to key into agribusiness opportunities with bountiful returns at minimal risk. We said minimal risk because the project is fully insured by GT-Assurance. So, watch this space!

What would you attribute the success of GT-AGRICULTURE?

The dream, the team and God’s grace. We have always had a big dream right from the outset and we have never shied away from doing the hard work. Also, we have an amazing and relentless team that has embodied the vision and has played a vital role in getting us to where we are currently. And lastly, God has been with us all through.

Why do you think the agricultural sector is lagging behind in terms of investments?

Policy! Policy! Policy! As well as lack of structure and enabling environment. side farm investment, you’ve worked with a prestigious institution like the University of Oxford on Human Capital Development.

What are your plans on this and has there been any conflicts with your major focus on farm investments?

Our mission as a company is growing and easing agribusiness in the world. Mentoring millions of youths falls right in line with our mission because the age of an average farmer in America is over 40 years old. Few years from now, if we don’t have youths taking serious interest in agriculture we will be in serious trouble as a nation and even for us as a company, there would be little agribusinesses to grow and ease. Our plan is to partner with more institutions in and outside the country to reach out and mentor more youths and get them to see the opportunities in the world’s agricultural sector.

What would you say has been the biggest challenges so far with building up GT-AGRICULTURE ?

We have faced and are still facing so many challenges just like any other start up anywhere in the world, ranging from the lack of enabling environment to finding the right fits for the firm, among others. However, at GT-AGRICULTURE, we always find opportunities in challenges. For instance, our core service which is farm management, came about as a result of our inability to find trustworthy and credible people who could offer us those services. In as much as we face numerous challenges on a daily basis, we take advantage of these challenges and use it to serve more people in a sustainable way.